WoW Spellfire Tailoring A World of Warcraft Trade Skill Specialization

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Spellfire tailoring is 1 of 3 trade skill specializations available to World of Warcraft tailors. The other two are Mooncloth tailoring and Shadoweave tailoring. Before a character can choose the mooncloth tailoring trade skill specialization, he must meet the prerequisites and complete the quest.

Spellfire Tailoring Prerequisites

For all of the tailoring specializations, a World of Warcraft tailor character must be at least level 60 and have a skill of 350 or higher in the trade skill. Each trade skill specialization also requires that a player complete a specific quest before a trainer will teach a character the secrets that the trainer knows. Players must also have the Burning Crusade installed before learning any tailoring specialization

The Spellfire Quest

Unlike trade skill specializations that were introduced before the release of the Burning Crusade, the quest Spellfire tailoring quest is the same for both Horde and Alliance characters. A character obtains the “Becoming a Spellfire Tailor” quest by speaking to Gidge Spellweaver in the Outlands city of Shattratch. The spellfire tailoring quest does not require the player to gather many components, but it does require the candidate to travel to Netherstorm to summon a nether wraith.

The nether wraith should be summoned in areas of Netherstrom near the guards. the guards will help the character who wishes to learn spellfire tailoring defeat the monster. The Nether wraith itself is a non-elite level 70 mob, but the nether wraith can be difficult for players under level 70 and people not prepared for the encounter to defeat. Once the mob is beaten, it will drop the essence the pespective spellfire tailor needs to complete the quest.

It is possible for a character to defeat the nether wraith without help, and a character who prepares for the fight will find the encounter easier. Arcane resistance items will help prevent the damage from the nether wraith’s arcane missiles that the nether wraith channels and equipping a few shadow resistance items is a good idea as the wraith will fire off shadow bolts when the wraith reaches a low health level.

Spellfire Tailoring Considerations

A player may know only one trade skill specialization at any given time. It is possible for a player to change his tailoring specialization, but the cost to do so is 150 gold. Careful thought should go into choosing a trade skill specialization.

Completing the spellfire tailoring quest causes an additional spellfire cloth every time the character chooses to make the item and gives the character access to items available only to characters with the spellfire tailoring trade skill specialization


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