How To Make Halloween Costumes

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Halloween costumes can be easily made that will save you a lot of money and time. If making costumes is not your trade and makes you want to tear your hair. Wait! Before screaming and scaring your children away from their home.  You can follow these simple steps to make or buy costumes for your children to enjoy the occasion.

Step One

There are shops called dollar stores or second hand shops where individual items of all sorts are sold that you can use together to make a costume. There are many dress-up stuff for little girls at these shops. Items such sparkly purses and shoes, role make up and an inexpensive princess dress make a wonderful girl’s Halloween costume. A cowboy costume can be made with a pair of worn jeans, cowboy hat and hankie hat with toy gun and holster. An Indian warrior customer can be made with an old coat with strips sewn onto the sleeves and an old jean would be a very good one that can be painted with traditional Indian colors.

Step Two

Be creative and imaginative. Just look around your house there are many thousands of used items you already have to put together a costume. Torn over-sized clothes are ideal for a hobo costume. Look at your children’s toys, such as policeman, doctor, nurse or a particular sports player can trigger an idea for a costume. Children like to impersonate super stars or their idols. If your children follow a particular sport s/he could dress up as her/his favorite sports star. You also get those sports wears in the dollar stores too.

Step Three

If you run out of ideas visit some costume store close to you to seek ideas. I believe  the staff of those stores are helpful they will give you some ideas to make costumes yourself. If making costume is too difficult and time consuming you can rent costumes from costume rental stores close to you. They make money by selling their products, but they want their customers to know how to use them so they would not mind giving ideas as part of their services to customers.

Step Four

Why having technology at your finger tips and do nothing about it. Browse online costume stores. Some offer complete costumes at extremely reasonable prices. Ebay sells almost everything nowadays Other sites worth  looking at are  and…/recycled-halloween-costume-470708.

Step Five

Christmas, Christmas, Shop. Take advantage of Christmas special sales for the following year. Consider bigger sizes just one or two inches more than your children’s  current sizes as they will certain grow, and may be buy a couple of different costumes to mix them to make your preferred costume.

There steps are not necessarily to be followed in that order to make or buy good quality, glittering, fancy, funny, Halloween costumes for your children to wear. They give you some ideas where to start. And when you are in it, you will have no problems.


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