The Land of the Unexpected

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The ‘land of the Unexpected’ Papua New Guinea is known for its diverse culture, pristine environment with its virgin forest, untouched marine life, and countless ancestral practices are well and truly alive.

There are more than 800 languages in Papua New Guinea. Each language is represented by a culture and tribe. What one expects to see would be different because each language would present a totally different culture from the next. Many tourists who come to Papua New Guinea get more than their money’s worth. They are firstly greeted with the beauty of the vast rainforest and pristine water falls that make up the country. The people who are sometimes and rightly described as replica of their environment are diverse in their complexion, stature and built represent the different parts of the country they come from. Their dances, songs, arts and crafts reflect their diverse cultural and tribal back ground.

 Port Moresby, the Capital city of Papua New Guinea is the gateway to the unique country.  Port Moresby is the home of famous Mekeo dancers who in their colorful attire welcome visitors to the beautiful country. The famous Sepik carvers are not difficult to miss. They sell their crafts that depicts their ancestral spirits. Outside the capital, the Miline Bay Province presents untouched corals reefs for divers. The World War 2 relics are abundant in Rabaul, Lae and Popondeta. Trekkers will find famous Kokoda Trail (the famous WW2 battle field of the Australians and Japanese) not only unforgiving, but a life time experience.

In the highlands, Papua New Guinea has its own Mt. Everest- the Mt. Wilhelm, about 14 000 feet high. The place is treacherous with steep hills with fast flowing rivers and steep gorges. Expect the unexpected, people live there, make their gardens and have homes built on the rugged mountain sides. They practice rituals and carry on with their daily chores without any fuss of outside world.

People of the islands of Manus and New Ireland can give to the visitors their share of tribal power.  They call the sharks with their simple traditional power and the communication techniques that connect fish and human which only these people possess. The crystal clear white sandy beaches and clear blue seas enable those who want to sunbath or snorkeling to enjoy the sunshine of the tropics.

The cost of visiting many destinations in South Pacific are be budget friendly due to many factors. One may be that of local currency’s devaluation. In Papua New Guinea the local currency, kina is now (at the time of writing is 0.3567 to 1 US$. There are hotels and eco-tourist guest house everywhere which are affordable. Many hotels and guesthouses for tribal and cultural tourism can be seen here  Fiji is known for eco tourism, however, Papua New Guinea because of its diverse culture and its unique flora and fauna is slowly picking up eco tourism industry which you can see here Different locations in Papua New Guinea are connected by air. See for bookings. Tribal and cultural tourism is awakening phenomenon in the South Pacific and Papua New Guinea can offer the best in the South Pacific.


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