The Tell Tale Heart Alternative ending

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I tried to get their attention. Have they not heard me? I leaped out of my wooden chair and demanded their attention, but I received no rebuttal. The police officers were on their way out. Before I did something I would regret, the ground floorboards started tremoring. The lights flickered on and off in rapid succession as the old man emerged from the floorboards. he was as pale as a blank wall. The lights were completely off as I crawled into a corner. Everything was quiet. I felt a ice cold hand wrap around my neck. I screamed in terror while it crunched my windpipe. I went berserk and ripped the old man’s arm in two. Terrified, I ran around the atramentous room feeling around for some way- any way out i could find! After a while I gave up and decided I must make my own way out. I reached for anything in my pocket. I pulled out two coins and a piece of a chocolate bar. I threw a coin to the opposite side of the room to lead the zombie away from me.While buying time, I began to think about the floorboards and tried to guess where the old man had emerged. Probing the floor, I found the spot where the floorboards were broken. I quietly snuck in; not knowing the chocolate bar I had put back in my pocket commenced melting.I led myself through a system of underground passageways that I had never known of before. Finally I could sense a weak wall at the end. I leaned on my back and tried to kick the wall out. to see the full ending


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