How to avoid health care fraud

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We need to be careful and protect ourselves from paying on services we never receive. Health care providers are the most people committing health care fraud.
If you receive a bill that you know nothing about contact your insurance company as soon as possible. They need to be notified of things like this because this can cause health cost to rise, especially if lots of providers are doing it.

We must do whatever we can to keep the cost down. The more people that commit health care fraud will end up making insurance unaffordable to many.

1. If you lose your insurance card contact your insurance provider immediately. Someone could try and use it and may even get by with it.

2. Before having any high cost surgery or a lot of test done, ask for the price of each. Then call your insurance company and see ahead of time what will be due on your part. When the bills start coming in and they say differently than what was discussed by your insurance, there could be health care fraud taking place. After the surgery and the test are done there are all kinds of hidden fees that you know nothing about. Keep a close eye on things like this.
After my dad died, my mom had bills coming in and the hospital tried to get her to pay many of them twice. She keeps in close contact with her insurance company. Believe me they are very aware of what is going on but they have to catch them in the act.

3. Know what kind of health benefits you have in advance.

4. After a doctor’s visit and the nurse say no charge, you know better. This happens to me a lot and they bill me later, which is silly. Your health care provider is probably billing your insurance company a much higher price than normal. This is not just my opinion this has been proven to happen over and over.

5. Know your co-pay and pay it after each visit. You know you owe it, don’t give anyone a chance to commit this kind of act.

6. Know you’re deductable in advance before any procedure takes place.

Tips: We should keep close attention on all the hidden fees and know what they were for.


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