How to Make A WaterPond

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Decide what type of pond you want to build.Select the proper location. Most ponds will be enjoyed more if they are installed close to the home. Select an area where you can see the pond year round. Ponds are great attracters of wildlife including birds and butterflies. Next you need to determine the size of your pond. When I first got the idea, I was not sure if it would work. Here is How I made my WaterPond


Dig your hole where you want to put the pond. I made it in a donut shape. You can make it any shape you want as long as the plastic fits.


Remove any rocks or roots you find.


Lay Plastic over area and begin to fit into place removing any air pockets. Use a pond liner and save yourself the next step.


Use the small mess wire to line the sides and bottom.


Mix Cement. Mix a little dry. 


Pour cement over the plastic making sure to move it with your hands (wear gloves) making it cover all of the plastic and wire.  Cement cures in about 7 to 10 days. So allow enough time for it to dry. Step8 Meanwhile you can do a little landscaping. Adding plants around the pond and adding some rocks or mulch. After the cement is dryed. A small waterpump is enough to keep the water circulating. 


Add water and ENJOY


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