WoW Shadoweave Tailoring A World of Warcraft Trade Skill Specialization

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Shadoweave tailoring is 1 of the trade skill specializations available to characters in World of Warcraft. The other 2 are mooncloth tailoring and spellfire tailoring . Shadoweave tailoring gives a character access to tailoring patterns that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Shadoweave Tailoring Prerequisites

Before a character can learn shadoweave tailoring, he must have the World of Warcaft expansion the Burning Crusade installed. The tailoring character must be at least level 60 and have a skill of 350 or more. Once these requirements are met, it is simply a matter of heading to Shattrath and speaking to the shadoweave tailoring trainer, Andrion Darkspinner. If the prerequisites for the quest have been met, Darkspinner will give the player the “Becoming a Shadoweave Tailor.”

Items Required for the Quest

  • 1 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave Cloth
  • 1 Primal Shadow
  • 1 Primal Fire

It is possible for a World of Warcraft tailor with a tailoring skill of 325 or higher to make the first item, but the other items are obtained from monster drops in the Outlands. Once the items have been gathered, the character simply needs to turn them into the quest giver in Shattrath to complete the quest. A player may also pick up the items required for the quest from an Auction House in any of the major cities in the game.

Shadoweave Tailoring Considerations

Any attempt at making a shadoweave cloth will produce two of the same items. While making shadoweave cloth is not an ability exclusive to this trade skill specialization, only World of Warcraft characters who choose it will be able to craft multiple pieces of cloth each time they use the specialization. All Shadoweave patterns must be crafted at an Altar of Shadows and each use has a 96 hour cool down time according to the World of Warcraft Wiki.

Most of the items that can be made from the shadoweave specializationare bind on pickup, which means the items cannot be traded once it has been made. Such items can still be enchanted using the enchanting trade skill, but like all other specializations in the game, a character should choose the shadoweave tailoring specialization because it has the greatest benefit to his character.

It is possible to unlearn a trade skill specialization, but the cost is well over 100 gold. All patterns from the specialization for any trade skill may be learned this way, but a character should consider specializations carefully and switch them with care.


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