WoW Mooncloth Tailoring A World of Warcraft Trade Skill Specialization

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Mooncloth tailoring is one of three trade skill specializations available to tailors in World of Warcraft. The other 2 specializations are spellfire tailoring and shadoweave tailoring . Like any other trade skill specialization in World of Warcraft, a player must have his tailoring character that he wishes to take up the mooncloth specialization complete a quest before the characters gains access to the specialization.

Prerequisites for the Mooncloth Tailoring Specialization

A World of Warcraft player must have the Burning Crusade installed. The character who wishes to become a mooncloth tailor in World of Warcraft must also be level 60 or higher and have a tailoring skill of at least 350. Once a character meets the prerequisites, the mooncloth tailoring candidate should head to the Outlands city of Shattrath and speak to Nasmara Moonsong. This NPC will then give the character the “Becoming a Mooncloth Tailor Quest.”

Items Required for the Quest

As soon as the character receives the quest (or for those who plan ahead, before the character receives the quest), the following items must be gathered:

  • 1 Bolt of Imbued Netherweave Cloth
  • 1 Primal Life
  • 1 Primal Water

All of these may be purchased from the Auction House, although a tailor is capable of making the first item by himself. The last two items on the list can be acquired from monster drops in the Outlands if the player does not wish to purchase

Mooncloth Tailoring Considerations

A World of Warcraft character may only know one trade skill specialization for a specific trade skill at any time. It is possible for a character to change his tailoring specialization but it costs 150 gold. A player should but careful thought into a trade skill specialization before choosing one for his character.

Mooncloth tailoring has a cool down time of 96 hours between uses according to the World of Warcraft Wiki. Use of the specialization also requires a moonwell which can be found in throughout the game world. Making Primal spellcloth will result in additional primal spellcloth being added to a mooncloth tailoring character’s inventory, but a character does not need to be specialized in this particular branch to make it.

Choosing this specialization also give a character access to tailoring patterns that may only be learned by mooncloth tailoring characters. Picking a specialization should be based on how it benefits the character, rather than how much money can be made off any particular trade skill specialization.


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