Demon in my skin

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It crawls beneath the skin,
tearing at my flesh,
begging “let me loose”
Knowing that I cant.
I will not let it out.
The darker part of me.
From a world that now exists,
only in my dreams.
Tears of sorrow never shed,
Feelings never known.
The demon hides its enlarged head.
deep inside my bones.
Its fingers caress my blood filled veins.
Its hair caresses my flesh.
Its all a part of my insanity.
The world thats never said.
Apart from demons
theres a light
that lives within myself
as i sit inside my hotel room
and remember all you dealt
I finally let my demon loose
i’ve finally embraced the pain
all of this is what I’ve called.
the demon in my skin.

I’m Mai and Im a liittle psychotic but thats a good thing 😉 I really hope you enjoy all of the things i have to tell you. Lets start this on a good note and say that if you want to be mean do it somewhere else.

A little bit about me. Im 21 and Im tired of being a stepping post. Im an awesome person and a great mom and I love to clean and cook and be just like ever other house mom out there. The only difference is my blood runs a little darker than the rest of you out there 🙂

Hope you like my poetry. And even if you dont please take the time to read what I have to say.

Lots of love.



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