Best Holiday Gifts to Give a Job Seeker

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Most of us would love to say that we have all of our holiday gift shopping done by now but the fact is that most of us don’t. If there is a job seeker yet to be crossed off your shopping list why not consider giving them something that can be truly useful to them this year instead of just that jumbo tin of popcorn? Here are some great gift ideas, inexpensive and not so, for meaningful gifts to brighten a job seeker’s holiday season;

  • A stylish briefcase or portfolio. Something that matches there style without being too outré.
  • A serious, expensive looking watch. The keyword here is expensive looking. It does not have to be a Rolex, just a timepiece that looks like it means business. No more Mickey Mouse.
  • A gift certificate for a hair salon and/or a spa. Pamper them and improve their image at the same time.
  • An upscale looking pen. It makes a terrible impression on an interviewer when an otherwise impressive candidate fishes their sister’s well chewed Jonas Brothers pen out of their bag because it was all that they could find before leaving the house.
  • A gift of an hour with a career coach, or a professional resume rewriting.
  • An offer of a lunch date with you and a friend who happens to work in the very field that your gift recipient  is in searching for a position in.
  • Another invitation, simply the offer of a sympathetic open ear and a broad shoulder to cry on when the job hunting all gets too much. The holidays can be really rough on a job seeker, emotionally as well as financially and sometimes just knowing that they have people in their corner, cheering them on can be the best gift of all.

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