How To Track Your Article

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A great way to build your popularity and to provide more content for your site is by using article writing.

It is quite a nice feeling to discover that someone had found your article and uses it. The only

 problem here is, usually you are not being inform on the use of your articles??? That is why keeping

track of your article is very important.

Here are some guides for you to keep track of your articles published:

#1 Generate folders to put within your “favorites.”

This is easily done because every browser allows you to generate a folder where you can put your

favorite web sites. Maintaining folders related to your article marketing in your “favorites” is the

key if you intend to promote your business. Here, we will also have to generate a new folder called

“Articles Published.” Within that folder, you have to start  generating other “sub” categories folders

for every ARTICLE that you have written and published. Make sure to give these folders a short and

easy to remember names so that you would be able to distinguish one from another later on.

Examples of folders :-

1 Tracking articles (Folder: Articles Tracked)

2 Articles (Folder: Articles Written)

3 Reward (Folder: Reward Publishers)

#2 Maintain the original title of your article:

I’ve noticed on some sites, they sometime modify the title of certain article simply to make it

looks like a different article. If you had done this, don’t worry nothing to be ashamed of, I’m sure

we’ve all thought of doing it, in fact, I am also guilty of it sometime.

From now on, let’s maintain and stick to the original title of the article written for consistency

and to enable you in locating your articles online easily.

#3 – Locate Your Articles:

This is a simple way for you to use in your search to locate your article online…

by using Goggles Toolbar.

Go to:

Once you are at the search engine:-You type in the EXACT title of your article within the

google search. With “,” at both end of your title. By adding “,” at both end, the search engine

will narrow your search to the precise words that you have typed in between “,”.

Lets say you type “Articles Searched”, this search would give a better results than if you

were to search just using: Articles Searched without using the “,”. However, both methods can be

used if you want to.

After you have found the site that has published your article, add the page of your article to

the “favorites” then saved it in suitable folder that you have generated in your “favorites.”

Once you have done this to all your articles, you will find that it will be a lot easier for you to

keep up with your new articles in the future. What really you have done above is just a simple

act of indexing your articles.

Lastly, if you plan to reward the Publishers in using your articles, you will be able to do so easily,

since now you have them all indexed into separate categories.

I hope this will be of help to you.


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