Yeah – I still think your sexy – Rod Stewart in Concert

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In high school, I found Rod Stewert through MTV’s Unplugged series.  I bought the cassette and sang along with “Maggie Mae” and “Stay with Me” until I had them memorized.

In college, my girlfriend and I said we would like to go to a Rod Stewart concert some day – but it was all talk.  We would probably never go.

At age 30, I decided to create my 100 Things to do Before I Die list and Rod made the list.  When I upgraded my phone, I added “Hot Legs” as my ringtone.  I really wanted “Stay with Me” but couldn’t find it.  I was a Rod fan, but I was a little worried about fulfilling this one because Rod was getting a little old – in his 60s.  How much touring could he have left?

In early 2006, I heard a promo for a Rod Stewart concert coming to St. Louis.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I knew this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity – I was going to check this one off my list.

One of my friends owed me a concert because we had gone to Poison with her.  My other friend was in as well.  The day of the concert I was so excited – all my kids at school knew I was going – but then I got a phone call.  I couldn’t believe it – Rod was sick.  The concert was being postponed.  Just my luck.  It was a total let down.

The reschedule was a few weeks later, and I was ready to go again.  We were dolled up and ready to go (I though I was looking pretty good.).  We ate downtown at Maggie O’s, which took longer than expected.  I was beginning to panic.  My friends wanted to wait on a trolley, but there was only 15 minutes to the show and there was no opening act.  I decided, with or without them, I was high-tailing it to the ScottTrade Center.

We made it with a few minutes to spare, but my smoker friends wanted to have one last drag before we went in.  I wasn’t going to miss anything, so I decided I was going in alone.  I was a little pissed off, but I could deal with it.  I went in search of my “cheap” $60 dollar seats by myself.

I was seated next to what I would call an elderly woman.  I was too optimistic how “into” the concert she would be.  I was actually wondering why she was there, but then I realized that she was probably near the same age as Rod.

They seemed to be running a little behind schedule, so my friends weren’t late in finding our seats.  Except they weren’t coming up to meet me, they were waving me down to them.  What now?  They were all excited.  Because the concert was rescheduled, they were extra floor seats and my friends had nabbed three floor seats.  WE WERE GOING DOWN!!!  I quickly forgave them for needing to smoke. 

We found our seats as the lights went down and they were great.  It was a concert in the round, so Rod just wondered the stage and he did so for 3 hours.  This 60 something guy went all out for 3 hours.  I was in heaven.  There were sexy backup singers, costume changes, family pictures on the big screen, soccer balls – It was an all out performance.

Rod played all my favorites and my friends managed to drag me down to edge of the stage for “Hot Legs.”  I WAS FRONT STAGE FOR HOT LEGS!  What more could I ask for?

Overall it was a great evening and money well spent – even the $45 t-shirt.  My two friends who weren’t two keen on going were pleasantly surprised.  I would go back any time.  I’m just glad I got to mark one more thing off of my “Before I Die List” or in this case before Rod dies.  If you get the chance, you should check out Sexy Rod too.  I’m waiting for the next time he hits town again because I’d love to see him again.


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