Gary Daniels discusses TEKKEN and THE EXPENDABLES

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British martial artist and actor Gary Daniels started appearing in movies in the late 1980s. By the mid 1990s, he had moved on to playing the lead in a string of entertaining actioners from the legendary and now defunct PM Entertainment, and he was the hero in 1995’s FIST OF THE NORTH STAR; his break through.
Gary kept on making movies; he played against Pam Grier in NO TOMORROW, Dolph Lundgren in RETROGRADE, he was killed by Steven Seagal in SUBMERGED, the list of movies goes on, and several new ones are in pre- and post-production.
One movie in post-production, is the long-awaited TEKKEN, an American-Japanese co-production, directed by Dwight H. Little and based on the extremely popular video game. TEKKEN is about a guy seeking revenge for the murder of his mother, and to find the killer, he has to participate in the “King of the Iron Fist” tournament, where he gets to kick the asses of the world’s best fighters.
I kinda like the RESIDENT EVIL movies and I have a soft spot for the first MORTAL KOMBAT movie, but most movies based on video games absolutely suck. Especially the ones directed by Uwe Boll… On the other hand, Boll directed the amazing POSTAL, based on a game…!

Gary Daniels, the nicest guy working in the action movie biz, plays Bryan Fury in TEKKEN.

So, Gary: Who is Bryan Fury?

“Bryan Fury is a powerful fighter that is a psychotic half man, half machine. Nothing fancy about this guy’s fighting as he is a power kickboxer.”

What’s your relation to video games? Do you play games?
“I personally do not play video games, so when offered the role I went online to do my character research, there are so many clips on YouTube from the game.”

In what way does TEKKEN differ from other games movies?
“I haven’t seen TEKKEN yet (it’s screening at the American Film Market on November 5th), but we used all real fighters instead of trying to train actors to fight, or using doubles, so I think it will have a different level of authenticity to the characters.”

The movie is an American Japanese co-production. Does this mean TEKKEN will get an Asian feel more than a Hollywood one?
“I think it will have more of a Hollywood feel, with the special f/x and the way it is shot.”

One character in TEKKEN; Steve Fox, is played by Luke Goss. To me, Goss is that kid in Bros. However, I realize that A) the guy is as old as I am, and B) he’s made quite a few action movies. What’s he like as a martial artist?

“Luke is not a martial artist on the level of the other martial artists in the film, but his character does not have to fight much in this film.”

How’s Dwight Little to work with? The guy has after all made Seagal’s best/funniest movie; MARKED FOR DEATH, and the Brandon Lee starrer RAPID FIRE, which contains several really great action/martial arts sequences.
“Dwight is a great guy and very easy to work with. I think he had a good vision for this film, very dark, shot to be R-rated, but I think it was edited to be PG. Shame!”

Can TEKKEN be compared to RAPID FIRE (actionwise)?
“It is a completely different kind of film than RAPID FIRE, as it is set in the future and is based on a video game.”

The very first time I met you, you talked about your own character called Union Jack, I think – he was on your business card. What ever happened to him?!
“Union Jack was never made, but funnily enough, there has been some interest shown lately for that project.”

Does TEKKEN have a release date yet? IMDb just says “2009”.

“No, there is no release date yet, but as I mentioned earlier, it will be screening at the AFM on November 5th. I would imagine it will have a spring 2010 release, but thats just my opinion.”

TEKKEN isn’t the only big action movie featuring Gary Daniels, opening sometime next spring. He’s also in a far bigger, more explosive actioner, namely Sylvester Stallone’s THE EXPENDABLES, in which he plays “The Brit”.

“Sly needed actors that could do their own fighting and action without being doubled, so I was recommended. I met with him and he offerered me the part. Filming was great for me, Sly just kept adding scenes for me and made my role bigger and bigger. Dolph Lundgren was cool, and my last scene was with him, Eric Roberts and Stone Cold Steve Austin. They were a great bunch of guys on this film, everyone was so cool. I hope it’s gonna be a good film, it’s got a great cast and Sly is a good director, he is very inspirational to be around.”

THE EXPENDABLES is the movie everybody’s looking forward to, so we all hope it’s gonna be a good film…


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