Huitter Mutuality Review – Twitter Karma Alternative

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Huitter Mutuality is a useful new application that serves as a faster, more efficient Twitter Karma alternative. Like Twitter Karma, Huitter Mutuality allows users to see how many of the people that they are following are actually following them back and trim the fat as they see fit. As the perfect Twitter Karma alternative, Huitter Mutuality is both much faster and does not time out and ask you to start over every time that you exceed your API limit.

Although Twitter Karma is an excellent tool for managing your followers, it has a frustrating tendency to time out at 80% to 95% if you have a large number of followers and seems to become unfunctional as you near a total of 10,000 followers and followings. Huitter Mutuality is almost just like Twitter Karma, except that it does not bottom out until you approach 20,000. Also, instead of just giving you a gray screen to stare at while you wait, Huitter Mutuality has a loading bar that shows you how much progress it has made and counts down the number of followers it has yet to process.

All in all, Huitter Mutuality is a great Twitter Karma alternative, but it is not without its faults. One of the nice things about Twitter Karma is that it lets you manage each of your followers one by one when you get it to load. This makes it much easier to not accidentally unfollow accounts that you never expect to follow you back anyway, such as news agencies, industry leaders or celebs. While Huitter Mutuality lets you enter a list of accounts you want the program to ignore, it impossible to remember all of those accounts without a screen of every account up in front of you. Huitter Mutuality is a great Twitter Karma alternative when it comes to speed and efficiency, but the latter remains the best application for outright functionality.


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