Top Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Men 2009

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2009 has been a tough year for many families, in the wake of the global economic crisis.  Use this guide to find ideas for Christmas gifts for men, including fathers, sons,friends, co-workers and more.

Gift Cards with Variable Amounts an Inexpensive Christmas Gift for Men

If you’re shopping for a close friend or relative, you may know which store they like to shop at and can buy a gift card as a Christmas gift.  Or, choose a prepaid Visa or Mastercard for an acquaintance or co-worker, allowing them to shop anywhere the credit cards are accepted.  Most store gift cards come in several denominations, as low as$10.


Magazine Subscriptions Vary in Price and Make Cool Gifts for Guys

Search online for magazines on his favorite hobby, sport, or business topic.  There is something out there for almost any man, and magazine subscriptions are a gift that lasts throughout the year.  This also shows that thought and care went into choosing a Christmas gift he will truly enjoy.  Many subscriptions cost less than $30 per year, making this an inexpensive Christmas gift for men.

Classic Customized Christmas Gifts for Men Don’t Have to be Expensive

Online retailers like Blue Olive Gifts feature customizable, clean, classy Christmas gifts for men, often for under $30.  Choose from a selection of money clips, engraved flasks, army knives and multipurpose tools, lighters, cigar accessories, and more.  Always check shipping rates and compare prices between online stores before buying online.


Cologne and Other Personal Care Products Are Ideal Christmas Gifts for Men in Your Household

Personal care products are great Christmas gifts for your son, father, brother or other close male friend or relative.  Bought individually or in gift sets, they can also be an inexpensive choice.  Choose a few products from the same brand, such as aftershave, shaving lotion, deodorant, cologne, or body wash.

Electronic Gadgets and Media Players Cool Gifts for Guys on the Go

Satellite radio subscriptions, digital cameras, wireless accessories, or media players like Samsung’s Featherweight MP3 player are great Christmas gifts for men who like to be productive or entertained while they commute, workout, or otherwise spend time on the go.  Electronics suit a variety of budgets; compare prices and features online to find the best deals, discounts, and coupon codes.

More Great Christmas Gifts for Men 2009

See 2009 Holiday Season- Cool Gifts for Men for more fun gift ideas including GPS units, cell phones, camcorders, automobile accessories, and more.


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