what is life

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what is life

life is fun                                           life is not sad

life is forgivness                                life is not grudge

life is beauty                                     life is not beast

life is family                                       life is not motionless

life is friends                                     life is not hate

life is hope                                        life is not dark

life is faith                                         life is not evil

please let us live our lives to the last breath not waste it for tiny things that destroy the joy of living the beatiful life that god gave it to us and let us forget just forget tommorrow and yesterday and live noaday to the end

let us leave all the strees in our backs let us leave life problems outside our heads let us close our eyes for seconds and just take a breath and just simply live life

life is to live every moment

life is accept wat you get

life is to love family and friend

life is to live safe and peaceful

life is loss to people who dont understand it

life is to find love in your family and friends

life means sharing it between lovers

life is satisfied about today and forget tommorow

life is a test the only how pass is the only one how understand it

life is road you must pass it and you must live it

life is to forget about pain and just feel beauty

life is gift we must use it sometimes it could be hard but we must remember the happy moments

just know life just know life just know life

hope i could make some difference


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