Reaching Customers Through Direct Marketing

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What is the cheapest form of advertising?

If you say that television or radio, so you are wrong, the word of mouth. Billions of dollars are spent each year on advertising in television, newspapers and radio. When I was elected as an independent candidate for an advertising and marketing, was the focus of promotional direct sales model, what we have learned to use. The reason was that the cheapest way was clear for our customers. The results were adjusted for the sale and marketing of customers and the environment that the customer was very satisfied because there are more sales and profits for the company, not self-load. Our regional marketing manager chooses our customers, we met with the customer to browse through our campaigns for the company and ensure that no confusion among customers for marketing purposes.

What was successful?

Now when the customer does not pay for our direct marketing campaign, which was largely voice a company trying to download something that will now give. Well, we could as an independent broker, a bonus offer for a desired amount a. For example, one of our customers, Chicago White Sox and we as advertising and marketing representative selling licenses that allow free tickets and buy a lot get a free ticket for only 鈧?30, although it has sold a license for a consumer marketing is aware that the white sox tried to help people save money for a game, a public relations ploy, if you ask me, especially for people who do not usually go to a game.

If this approach affect future performance?

Yes, with this method of direct marketing businesses and neighborhoods that we only have the floor. When people buy licenses for our personal information about our company for future marketing campaigns to provide directly. If you sell a license for promotion, we ask that the buyer only your name, enter your address and any other issues, but nothing too personal. With this information the customer provides us, we, the independents, who can now work in our company and evaluate the effectiveness of this marketing. Even when we went to an area for the first time and not buy anything, not even know that some people have benefited from the fact that the next time that the area we have worked to remind people and marketing. If the campaign was only a few people who have benefited, imagine what happens when people found that buy, what they publish losses. To use the next time new repels the idea. Therefore, we have sales working for the customer.

Is there an easy way to direct marketing?

Now the real catch is you as a new business that this type of marketing for future success. I say yes, but be patient and if you go more to encourage people and then as a bonus. The more you have, you have a customer for most of the results. I mean, when I see One One hundred or three hundred people in one day if I have the other three had in mind, is the same as in the same area where the customers I work. The number of one to three hundred people tripled and more people benefit from the marketing, then more money for the client. Again, what customers happy and satisfied, because you must use a promise of more customers at no additional cost. The cost has been created for you is just an expression of their certificates of promotion, if you have to produce even better for you because you pay for the printing of large quantities of cheaper in the long run.


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