Ideas for vegan Christmas dinner

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If you are throwing a Christmas party and you are inviting vegans or you are a vegan yourself you might want to consider replacing the turkey with something more animal friendly. Below are some useful tips and ideas you can try yourself when cooking for vegans.


Look for any recipes with nuts. It’s easy to make and things like nut roast are classic. Nuts contain zinc and calcium and can provide you with some of the most essential things your body needs. You might also want to try Roasted Chestnuts since it is a traditional Christmas meal and it’s very delicious.


Tofurkey has the same taste as the real turkey except it is made of tofu. It is the perfect substitute for the turkey and almost every vegan loves it. You can be sure that your non-vegan friends will like it as well. Also it is something great to try especially if you are a new vegan.


The dressing doesn’t necessarily have to be stuffed inside of a turkey to be cooked. Not many people know that it is actually safer not to cook the dressing that way as there is a risk of food poisoning. If you are preparing a vegan Christmas dinner you can put your dressing in aluminum foil and bake it for 20 to 25 minutes in preheated to 350 degrees F oven. Then make it 400 degrees F and bake 20 more minutes without the foil.

Side Dishes

Most Christmas side dishes are vegan so you don’t really need to look for anything different. Beans, peas and carrots or any other vegetables can be considered when preparing a vegan Christmas dinner.


You can’t have a vegan Christmas dinner and go without a dessert as it is just as important as the main course. Consider buying a pudding if not making it yourself. There are shops that sell puddings for vegans but you should always check the ingredients to make sure your pudding is animal friendly. You can also find mince pies in almost every shop but be careful because most of the mince pies have milk products in the pastry.

Cooking and preparing a Christmas dinner for vegans can be a difficult task. Follow these tips and ideas for vegan meals on Christmas and you are guaranteed to impress your friends and family. Just be careful when buying something and always check the labels.


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