Popular Vegan Christmas gifts

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Buying a Christmas gift for a vegan can be an extremely difficult task. You should be extra careful when choosing a vegan gift for Christmas because there is nothing worse than give a gift to someone who doesn’t like it. Here are some ideas and tips that might come in handy when buying a vegan Christmas gift.

Clothes and Shoes

Buying something like a sweater or a scarf is a good idea. But if you are buying clothes for a vegan you should always check out first if it is made of wool or contains mohair for example. A good idea is to purchase 100% cotton clothes. You can also buy shoes but you have to avoid leather shoes.


Another great gift for a vegan is a piece of jewelry. Everybody will enjoy a piece of jewelry and silver for example is a great choice. One important thing to remember when buying a Christmas gift for a vegan is that he won’t wear anything with leather cord. Most vegan like nature made jewelry like necklaces made of wooden beads. Wooden beads can be a great replacement of pearls.


Most of the people would appreciate a bottle of lotion or shampoo. This a great Christmas gift but if you are buying it for a vegan you should be very cautions. Always check the ingredients of whatever you are buying. Don’t buy a Christmas gift for a vegan that contains animal fat, collagen or that has been tested on animals. If you are not certain about the product you are buying you can go to a health store and ask a salesperson.


If you consider buying food as a vegan Christmas present you can get one of them big fruit baskets. Certainly nothing can go wrong with the fruit basket but if you consider buying or making some chocolate bars for example you should be careful. Always buy a black chocolate because the ordinary one contains milk and a vegan wouldn’t eat it.

When buying a vegan Christmas present be careful as there are many thing to look out for. If you can’t be bothered checking everything you can always give a gift card. That way your favorite vegan will be able to buy whatever he wants. Don’t forget that sometimes no present at all is better than a bad present that the person you are giving it to won’t like.


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