My Free Traffic System Experiment

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The other day I was searching the internet for ideas on how to get more traffic to my websites and blogs.  I do a lot of article marketing but that can be incredibly tedious, especially since you get the most PR bang for your buck by submitting articles to non-paying sites.  I was searching for a way to legitimately promote my work without having to deal with the backlash of the Google morality check system.

Google is notorious for blacklisting websites and blogs due to their perceived unnatural marketing practices.  This could be link sharing programs or mass directory submissions.  This being said, when I found Free Traffic System, I was incredibly skeptical that it could actually help me.

The basis of Free Traffic System is that you write an article that is relevant to your website or blog and you are allowed to place 2 backlinks in that article.  The article is then distributed to a list of blogs that you are able to choose from a list, up to a total of 30.

Right there I thought that Google would blast this practice, but here is where it gets innovative.  In order to eliminate duplicate content, Free Traffic System provides a spinner that you can interject synonyms of words to make sure that no article is exactly the same.  This is done in the title, your links, and wherever you deem necessary in the article.

When your article gets approved, Free Traffic System will start to distribute the article between the 30 blogs at a rate of a couple submissions every day.  This is to ensure that Google does not find the backlinks to be unnatural.  It will take about 10 days to post your article to all of the blogs.

Although the system seems great, I was still skeptical about it and wrote one article to promote a Squidoo Lens.  I chose a Squidoo Lens because I was very specific with the keywords that I targeted with that particular lens and Squidoo will track your view for you.  This way I will be able to see what, exactly, Free Traffic System will do for the Lens.

I would recommend anyone who is thinking about trying Free Traffic System, try it out on something that it wouldn’t matter too much if Google blacklisted.  This way, if Google blacklists you, there won’t be a huge loss.

Also you should keep in mind that Free Traffic System is constantly trying to convert people to Pro Status.  Being that I don’t tend to buy something if I’m not sure it will work, I will wait on this and recommend that you do too.

I will update this article as soon as I see some change in my Squidoo Lens and let you know whether or not to join.  It could greatly improve your website’s standing in Google or it could kill it.  We will just have to wait and see.


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