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A cornerstone of any society is the cash flow of costs and benefits. In the game cash flow business is something that must be carefully stored and prepared. As a cash shortage at the risk of falling into cash and pay the premium of interest. Although cash flow is much more of a waste of a valuable resource in the game, which is expected to pay the debt, capacity building, issue dividends, etc.

Over the many years I’m played the recurring figure of BSG seems to be a happy and ending money on this hand is approximately $ 20,000. This provides a cushion in case of severe worst-case situation. For companies, the many large, so does closing cash balance to be closer to 35,000. There is an element, the whole game is extremely dangerous and may believe that your balance is too high, but in reality it is not 100% reliable. I mean,yes. the private labels.

You can create a label in order to beat the market and reduce the cost of their benefit, then your checkout. The only sure way to know if your balance is, at worst, is all set to see PL markets where the company would have no income PL. Final payment shall be $ 15,000 – $ 25,000, depending on its size.that’s ture!!

In recognition of the worst situation that can happen to a company BSG offers a skilled manager to prepare for an unexpected surprise. Under this rule would prevent your company to participate in open and all the costs associated with prevention. Thanks!


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