The first time I had money online

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When I was in my first year at the polytechnic, which had an economic problem and wonder if it is to make money. Studying a degree in computer science needed to spend so much time at the computer, surfing the Internet to find information. But as I can, money on the internet to increase my pocket money. I did an internet search led me money to other sites on the Internet. Most of them charge for their services or products. I had no money, services or products to buy time, so I try to do something more to make money on the internet for free.

Some people might think that there are many frauds online money. Since she has been betrayed or deceived before, and therefore can not completely trust money online. I hesitated, said the sides of the fraud, but I could not go because he needed money. Eventually I found a place in Singapore. Singapore I am, I have my confidence in this site. The company that has created this site, or new construction.

The website has been paid to join online surveys. So he gave me the opportunity. I’m looking for a free account and make the profile surveys. After some time I have had for further investigation. The more surveys that have more points than me. I soon ended up doing a lot of research. At one point I was in the number of points I’ve earned, and if they see redeemable for cash. I was surprised that I could use my points twenty-five Singapore dollars. Unfortunately, he could not return because there will be at least fifty U.S. dollars must be met first. It took a while, but I managed to build up enough points on my account to cover the demand. After various points, I requested a payment of fifty dollars.

I’m in the test after a few days, but I have no bank instead was held in a file and took it to show my friends. When I use the process for the money, so most people do not want to hear, and most do not believe me.

Since that day, I believe strongly that money is available via the Internet. I attended several courses on internet marketing. Can not say I know everything, but because technology and the Internet has changed all the time, so I keep up to date and to educate myself more and more.


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