Job Promotion: Support Your Spouse

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     Having a spouse obtain a job promotion can be a cause for celebration but it can also cause fear if the promotion is not postively viewed. Take a few minutes and consider the pros and cons of the job promotion and view the following tips: 

     Listen to your spouse’s response to his/her job promotion. An expected job promotion will create a strong sense of identity and happiness whereas an unexpected job promotion can create anger because of new responsibilities which may or may not be paid.

     Accept that your spouse’s job promotion may cause a long adjustment period. The adjustment may include a longer commute if transferred to a different location, longer hours if monitoring employees, or additional paperwork which may have to be completed at home. Openly communicate any concerns during weekly/biweekly family meetings. Address these issues before resentment occurs which can lead to marital stress. Both partners need to listen and speak.

     Balance the negative (ex. additional hours) with the positive (ex. additional money). This allows each spouse to realize that a job promotion is for the overall happiness of the family. Also, earmark any additional income for both the family (ex. vacation) and the spouse with the promotion (ex. sports tickets). This allows the family to enjoy the fruits of the job promotion while allowing the employee an additional incentive to accept his/her job promotion.

      A spouse’s job promotion can be either positive or negative so it does take time to adjust.


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