Petville Guide – How To Get Coins In Petville (Facebook Game)

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Zynga has done it again! Their newest Facebook game, Petville, is awesome! After playing for a few days and trying to figure everything out, I completely fell in love with it! If you like Pet Society, you will LOVE Petville! After you name and create your pet, you’ll be taken to your house. At first, you’ll just have one room. But, that’s more than enough because it’s expensive to get it to look the way you want.  You can change the look of your pet at any time by clicking on the blue “world” icon and then “makeovers.” Currently, it doesn’t cost any coins to change the look of your pet. So, go ahead and have fun with it. The best part of Petville (for me, anyway),  is going to the store and decorating your pet’s house. To do that, you need coins!

Earning coins in Petville

1. Give your pet a bath – There will be a pink bar of soap in your pet’s house. Pick it up and wash your pet with it. To do this, just take your mouse and move it all over your pet. They’ll get all cute and love you for it.

2. Feed your pet – When your pet’s dish is empty, a sign will appear saying “Feed me!” Click on the bowl and choose what to feed them. Choose according to how long you think you’ll be away. If your pet goes too long without food, it will run away.

3. Clean – You can get coins in Petville by cleaning your house or your friend’s house when it’s dirty. Move around the rooms in the house and click on the trash items such as banana peels and dirty socks. When you get them all, you’ll be rewarded a pretty nice “All Clean! Good Housekeeping” bonus.

4. Interacting with your neighbors – When you visit your friends, you’ll be able to play with them. You can do things like dance, kiss, high five, etc. You’ll be rewarded a small amount of coins.

5. Replace flowers in your vase – Every room in your Petville house will have a vase. Click on the vase and choose some flowers to plant there. You’ll be given coins for this.

6. Treats ­– You and your friends can send each other treats. When you receive one, feed it to your pet and you’ll get some coins for that.

7. Sell items – You are given some items you may not want to use. You can click on them and drag them to the cash register at the bottom of your screen to sell them. But, before you do that, make sure you really don’t want it because it sells for MUCH less than what you can buy it for.

8. Play Games – The best way to make coins in Petville is definitely to play games with your pet. For each round of Bubble Pop, you will earn up to 20 coins. The more levels you beat, the more coins you will earn by playing the game.


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