Tips for getting rid of blackheads

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The best time tested home remedies are here to cure your blackheads which are natural, safe and of course very effective.But before we start lets just understand the main causes of blackheads which are 

1.Oily Skin
2.Environmental pollution
3.Poor Cleansing Routine
4.Blockage of Pores
5.Excess of sebaceous secretion

The time tested home remedies to treat blackheads simply and easily in the comfort of your own sweet home.


Apply warm honey on your blackheads and let it dry for
8 10 minutes. Then just peel the honey off and wash your face with water. The result is amazing as all your blackheads will come out easily and will also give a nice refreshing glow to your skin.


Yes Potatoes, they are not only good to eat but they also act as a natural beauty aid product. The usage is very simple just grate one potato and apply it in your full face as it is very good to get rid of wrinkles, whiteheads and blackheads.


Boil 5 to 6 cups of water and add fresh lemon juice to it. Place the boiled water pan on the table and cover your head with a big towel and take the steam for not more than 10 minutes. Then just rub the blackheads with the face towel and you will be surprised to see them out so easily because steaming really helps to loosen them. After cleaning do not forget to close your pores by washing your face with chilled water or do an ice cube massage for 2 minutes.


Green tea is very a poplar for its medicinal qualities and is used to treat number of diseases and ailments as it is rich in antioxidants. For treating the blackheads you can use green tea both internally and externally. You can use green tea as a rinse to wash your face in the morning, use it as a face scrub or drink two cups of green tea in a day to avoid blackheads.


Do not use your pillow case for long but try changing it as often as possible. The reason being that during the night your hair follicles produce oil which easily gets accumulated in your pillow case and then get to your face and skin. Getting oil and dust to your face from the pillow case is a common cause of blackheads.

Besides practicing these home remedies the important things to keep in mind are

1.To wash your face at least twice or thrice with gentle soap or cleanser each day
2.Try to limit your use of cosmetics as far as possible.
3.Buy make up which is labeled “non-comedogenic,” as products marked with this label do not clog pores at all.
4.Never never go to sleep with your make up on. Always remove the make up with gentle cleanser or use some milk and damp the cotton in the milk and use it as a cleanser.

Thus the bottom line is to take care of your hygiene, drink lots of water and eat fresh and green vegetables to keep your skin healthy.


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