Clothing Is Very Important While You Travel

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A person has the right to choose what to wear during air travel but is the clothing you wear important?

Some wear business suits, jeans, loose clothing all according to an individual’s preference. However, due to the 9/11 incident, airport security measures were intensified requiring all passengers to undergo strict scrutiny. As a result, passengers who want to pass these strict security measures as quickly as possible wear loose and comfortable clothes. They want to avoid any inconveniences presented by air travel by considering that what they wear is important.

Simply put, if you will resort to air travel, wear clothes that will not bring any difficulty in complying with the airport security checks. Some of the clothing items you should avoid during air travel are tight jeans, pantyhose, high heels, long skirts, jumpsuit and hats. Baseball caps however are exempted. The wearing of synthetic materials during air travel is also subject to approval because of their flammable characteristics while worn inside the aircraft. 

The 9/11 attacks in the United States had created the need to install more security measures particularly air travel and the importance of the clothing you wear. In spite of these certain security measures installed thereafter, they revealed that some unlawful elements still tried to conceal dangerous explosives in the heels of their shoes. This was, however, discovered by strict security personnel as a result of physically checking even the shoes.

Hence, bear in mind that for air travel, the clothing you wear is important. In fact clothes should be more or less 100% made of cotton since air travel clothing should at all times bring ease and comfort

This brings us though to the matter of footwear in air travel. Use sneakers or moccasins because they are comfortable especially for long distance walking. Wear slip-ons, preferably those with rubber soles, in order to eliminate the tying and untying of shoes. On the other hand, rubber soles are more practical to avoid accidents due to slipping.

There are so many security measures installed at airport nowadays that brought a little inconvenience in air travel wherein the clothing you wear became important. This should not be taken against airport personnel since their only intention is to ensure security that can protect lives. In fact, the more strict the security, the more secure we should feel during our air travel.  

The issue about air travel and why the clothing you wear became important, stemmed from the 9/11 incident wherein four commercial planes were hijacked. The hijackers concealed deadly weapons in their clothes which passed security checks. These weapons were later used to stab and kill passengers, flight attendants and even the pilots. Passengers on board the plane who relayed the incident to their friends and relatives using mobile phones and cabin air phone service were able to convey that knives and tear gas were being used by the hijackers.

Due to the tragic 9/11 incident, security measures were beefed up to protect passengers during air travel. Much emphasis on security improvement for air travel was on the clothing you wear, hence it became important.  The security measures aim to prevent attacks on aircraft and prevent fatalities due to hazardous materials. The security loopholes before the tragic incident failed to detect the hidden weapons concealed in the hijackers’ clothes. This made it possible for international terrorists to launch their attacks by using air travel.

For a better understanding of air travel and the importance of the clothing you wear, let us take a look at the kinds of security measures to expect inside the airport. Airport security checks include bomb-sniffing dogs, X-ray machines and metal detectors. In certain instances, they will search the luggage and the clothes.

At the screener checkpoints, only passengers with tickets are allowed beyond the checkpoints except those that require parental or medical needs. Electronic gadgets will require additional screening. Any metal objects in the person of a passenger are required to be removed first before passing the metal detectors for faster screening processes.
Air travel and not knowing that the clothing you wear is important will cause you a lot of inconvenience. The removal of belts and other clothing accessories with metal can be quite a hassle. For air travel, make it a point not to wear clothes or pants that require the use of belts to avoid unnecessary delays.  

Air travel and the clothing you wear is important because by wearing only comfortable clothes you can pass air port security screen checks with a breeze. Persons who are caught concealing prohibited items like firearms, pressurized containers and flammable materials in their luggage can be criminally charged or at the least penalized or banned from air travel. As additional information, always bring with you your identification card and arrive at the airport according to the specified time.

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