Ways To Choose The Best Air Freight Forwarders

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One of the main reasons why companies would prefer to employ the services of professional air freight forwarders is to expedite the processing of the required documentation in order to get physical hold over their merchandise at the soonest time possible. A businessman may have the know-how but if he has to spend more time coordinating and arranging with different sectors, he loses precious time to spend for business opportunities that offer lucrative deals.

He may hire someone to do the job for him, but if it’s going to be a matter of trial and error, and big investments as well as potential profits are at stake, it would be difficult to take such risks. Hence, the best option would be to hire professional air freight forwarders who will be responsible for performing the tasks of completing or preparing necessary documentations. In addition, air freight forwarders will see to the compliance with tariffs and other legalities in order to secure the clearance for cargo releasing purposes. Once clearance is obtained, only then will the shipment be released and forwarded to its final intended destination.

However due care and considerations should also be exercised when choosing air freight forwarders. For this purpose, you should make sure that your choice of air freight forwarders meets the following criteria:

1. Experience, Expertise, Reputation and Connections
These factors are rather important since they will determine the forwarding company’s ability to handle all the shipping requirements with ease. An air freight forwarder may be a newly established business but if it is basically founded and manned at the helm by individuals with extensive experience in working with forwarding companies before, then they are also deemed as suitable candidates. 

However, the older companies have the edge over the newbie in as much as older organizations have already established a network of connections and communication avenues. This can help mobilize your goods at a faster pace. On the other hand, a new company will offer a more competitive price as a way of cornering smaller markets. They will be able to establish a customer base where they can prove their competence as well as build their reputation for excellence. Since they are still trying to penetrate the market, they will see to it that their services as air freight forwarders will be commendable and worthy of word of mouth recommendations.

Nevertheless, in case you are working on a tight budget you can keep your options open but just make sure that the air freight forwarder you will employ already has proven track records no matter how short the list.

2. Knowledgeable in both Technical and Practical Aspects

The best air freight forwarders are equipped with the current market trends as well as updated with policies and rules that govern air freight shipments. The matter of standard air freight containers and its suitability for your type of cargo should be addressed with competence.

There are also tariff laws to be complied with regarding customs duties on imported or exported goods. Lastly, their sound working relationships with air carrier companies, airport personnel, customs inspectors as well co-airfreight forwarders should be impeccable to avoid any business conflicts from affecting your shipping activities. Good business relationships are also important in case you may have emergency or extra-ordinary shipping needs    

3. Ability to Give Advice on Better Business Deals

Due to their expertise and well established relationships, the best air freight forwarders can give you advice and guidance on how you can maximize benefits if not minimize on costs. You may have applied wrong judgment which made your shipping deals more costly due to unfamiliarity with a foreign language; the entity that can help you take note of such blunders are air freight forwarders in your employ. They have a wider exposure with other business deals while dealing with other cargo shipments. Advising you about certain disparities or other cost options is the best advantage you can get when hiring air freight forwarders. 

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