Know About The Different Air Cargo Freight Services

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Air cargo or air freight is also commonly known by the term air cargo freight. It involves the shipment or transport of goods using an aircraft as the carrier from one point of destination to another whether within a country’s domestic borders or passing through international borders and zones. The practice of using aircraft was first introduced in 1911, until aircraft manufacturers came up with the idea of providing airline companies with air vessels purely dedicated to carry air cargo freight.  
The Role of Logistics in Freight Services

One important aspect for the efficient movement of air cargo freight is by making use of logistics. Logistics before was a highly complex matter since it made use of relevant information and other facilities to ensure that the task of shipping of goods can be efficiently carried out from point to point. Air cargo freight often involves goods traded through commercial distribution or those that will be used for manufacturing or production of a local product.

Today however, the complexity of logistics and data collection processes was simplified through the use of software and the Internet. These two factors contributed greatly in the development of communication facilities. Hence data such as inventory, handling, packaging, warehousing and implementation of security which are essential in global trading of export and import goods heightened the demand for air cargo freights to transfer goods.     

Kinds of Freight Services Provided by Airline Companies

Companies involved in air cargo services worldwide are quite extensive and almost all ensure efficiency in sending their air cargo freights. Below is a list of some of the qualities of a good air cargo freight service provider:

1. The air cargo freight company provides fast air freight services especially for time-affected shipments. 

2. The freighter company has a global or worldwide coverage to enable you to move your product in almost any part of the world.

3. The UPS is known not only to provide air cargo freight services globally but is widely patronized because it accepts international air shipments with almost no size or weight restrictions.

4. Some air cargo freight carriers are known as transport logistics provider offering highly specialized freight services that are time definite as well as cost effective. One such example is the Canadian based company BMR Express International.

5. Other likewise render air cargo freight services from door-to-door, which means product to be shipped or moved are picked up from customer’s home or office and will be delivered to the doorstep of the actual recipient.  
6. There are air cargo freight services that specialize in taking care of moving the excess baggage of flight passengers. 

7. Others top the list for having the most number of destinations that it can reach globally. A good example is Thai Airways International – Air Cargo. The company has as many as 76 destinations in 33 countries and 600 worldwide destinations covering 108 countries.

8. There are also freight services dedicated both for commercial and humanitarian purposes like the Angola based Transafrik International.

9. The Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited assumes a vital role in providing international air cargo services to the world’s busiest airport for international air cargo.

10. Air Canada freight Cargo is known for providing economical services by providing direct services using Air Canada’s network of transport to 150 destinations all over the world.   

Based on the list above, you can choose you air cargo freight service provider by choosing the company that can best suit your need. 

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