Reorganize Your Online Writing Business.

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When you started writing online you may not have thought much of it, but now you may notice the potential. When I began writing I did not keep anything organized, but I had to reorganize my writing business once I noticed how profitable it could be. These are the steps that I have followed to reorganize my business, and help me keep up with everything.

Make a spreadsheet for all of your sites.You can use each spreadsheet to track the amount of articles you are writing, and your earning progress.

If you do not like using spreadsheets you can also write all of the information in a notebook, or any way that will make it easy for you to track. Just keep track of each site individually.

Make a backup file for all of your articles. I have lost articles before, and it can take a lot of time to rewrite your articles. Keeping a backup helps you keep the articles organized, and ensures that you have a copy of your work.

Keep a folder to use for your writing. Use it to make your goals, and keep track of them regularly.

Print off your earnings each month, and file in a folder that will be used only for your writing business. It is nice to have a backup, just in case you ever need it.

Track your promotional efforts. I actually have one notebook and a spreadsheet that I use that helps me keep up with my promotional efforts. It helps me determine what work, and what I should quit wasting my time on.

Even if a couple of these steps do not work for you, find a way to reorganize your writing business. If you can get it organized you will spend less time on things that are unneeded, and more on what is important, making money.


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