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Imagine being able to set up your own online store selling other people’s stuff for which you earn a commission for every item sold. Well, with Zlio you can exactly that! What’s more you can do it for free!!

The tricky bits are first of all deciding on a niche and a name for your shop. You will need to bear in mind that you need to give a reason for people to come to your shop rather than just going to one of the big online retailers, so it helps to think of a niche that makes your store distinctive in some way.

Setting up the shop is the easy part. You can choose from a range of templates, or create your own. You then add products that fit your shop – apparently there are 3 million to choose from! You can also add Google Adsense if you want to increase your income further. It takes literally minutes to get your shop up and running.

Once your shop is ready your next challenge is trying to get customers to your shop, which is much like promoting any other website – except that some options (such as reciprocal links) are not an option. However, there are other tools available such as link exchanges with other shops and a widget that you can post in your blog (you can see mine in the sidebar) or website.

With your FREE registration with Zlio you have the opportunity to open up to 50 (yes, that’s right 50!) shops. If you have 50 ideas for shops that is. So why not try it yourself. It’s easy!

By the way did I mention it’s FREE!

I have also created a HubPage with a full tutorial on creating a Zlio store .

Here are the shops I have created so far:

The Earth Store

The Doctor Who Store

The Road to Middle Earth

You can follow my attempts at making money online at my blog, Extra Cash Challenge .


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