Natural Remedies for Indigestion

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Indigestion is a stomach problem that causes heartburn and also irritates esophagus. Women are more affected by indigestion during their menstrual period.


Home Remedies

Here are few home remedies for indigestion:

Mix one spoon of lemon with one spoon of ginger and two spoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink this mixture whenever indigestion occurs and this is one of the effective and immediate remedy.

Mix the juice of holy basil leaves with ginger juice and jaggery. Grind this mixture and make small pellets. Consume these pellets with water whenever digestion occurs.

Simple home remedy is to drink two glasses of warm water and this remedy is useful for indigestion caused by flour.

For indigestion caused by pulses, consuming two pinches of salt is the excellent home remedy.

Indigestion caused by eating coconut can be easily treated by eating cup of plain cooked rice.

Indigestion caused by eating sweets can be treated by consuming one spoon of peepal tree bark powder in a glass of warm water.

Grapes and oranges are the effective home remedies for indigestion.

One of the effective and simple natural remedy is chewing small piece of ginger with salt after every meals.

Extract the juice of coriander and mix it with butter milk. Drink this juice during indigestion, this is one of the good remedy.

Consume glass full of pineapple juice after every meal is very beneficial for any kind of indigestion.

Indigestion caused by consumption of ghee, take a glassful of lemon juice.

Indigestion caused after a heavy meal can be treated by drinking glassful of cinnamon powder.


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