Applying False Eyelashes Perfectly

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Follow these five easy steps:

1.  Trim.

Make sure that your scissors are sharp, so your fake lashes would not look distorted. If the lashes are longer than your eye, trim it one lash at a time. I prefer trimming individual lashes to desired length. And to make it more natural, I trim it so that the lengths vary. It looks obviously fake when it’s too perfect.

Remember: Longer lashes towards the outer eye.

2. Glue.

Some people apply the glue at the back of their hand, but I find it messy, so I have this small glass plate to put the glue on then run the lashes along it, making sure that you all parts of the lashes had contact with the glue. Do this lightly because too much glue on the falsies may clump. Blow on the glue a little, so it wouldn’t be too runny or sticky when you apply it to your lashes.

Remember: All parts of the lashes should have glue, especially the edges but not too thick or it may clump. You wouldn’t want to have drooping eyes at the end of the day.

3. Press.

Use tweezers to pick up your false lashes, bring it as close to your real lashes. Slowly place the false lashes to position. Press it from both ends until the glue dries. Make sure that the glue has set so the false lashes wouldn’t come off when you lift your fingers.

Remember: Be certain that the glue has set.

4. Curl & Coat.

Gently curl your lashes and coat it with your favourite mascara. Curling would make the eye look more open; Mascara thickens the lashes, sets the curl, and also helps in bonding the false and real lashes.

Note: Be gentle when curling your lashes, the falsies may come off if you press the curler too hard.

5. Eyeliner.

Use eyeliner to fill in the gaps between your natural lash line and the false eyelashes.


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