How I Gave up Smoking!

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Smoking was very hard to give up and the first few days without cigarettes made me very uneasy with anybody that wanted to communicate with me, but as of today, November 12, I have not had a cigarette in eleven years. In this article, I will tell you how I went from two packs a day to stopping forever. There are three practical things that I did and I hope they will help you stop if you are a smoker seeking to quit.

1) Pray! You may write this off as nonsense but try before you judge. If you never talk to God and do not know Him, it will not work, but maybe the other two things will. I prayed and asked God just to take my desire to smoke away and I only desired to smoke one time in eleven years. I was working hard one day and everything was going wrong. The thought that kept hitting me was : Smoke! I stopped by the store and bought a pack of Newport cigarettes after having not smoked for three years. I lit one up, inhaled, and coughed until I threw up all over myself. The pack went out the window and I have never desired a cigarette again. Pray and ask God to take the addiction from you!

2) Replace the habit with something! I do not mean replace nicotine with crack cocaine. When I quit smoking, I went out and bought a 10 pack of “mentos” and stuck a pack a day in my shirt pocket. Every time I had an urge to get a cigarette, I went into my shirt pocket and ate a mento. Eleven years later, I still eat mentos and that replacement worked for me. My buddy quit smoking and used candy cigarettes as his replacement and it worked for him. Not everything works for everybody, but something may work that I have done that you may try. Replace the habit with something!

3) Do something outside the ordinary! What I am going to tell you may sound stupid, but it worked well for me. The day that I decided to quit cigarettes, I went out and bought a carton of cigarettes and sold them to my friend for a penny! You are thinking how stupid he was for doing that. The reason I did that is because I knew by doing that, I was ripping myself off and if I went back to smoking, I would remember that sale and it would discourage me from smoking. I told myself every time I smoked a pack of cigarettes after the day I quit, I would go buy a carton and sell them for a penny. I never smoked a pack again and only smoked one as mentioned above.

There are hundreds of great ways and tips to quit smoking and I hope my three can be a help to you as well as you endeavor to make a very wise decision in quitting this awful habit.


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