How to get a flat stomach

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Who doesn’t want a flat stomach?  Even though we try hard to get a flat stomach, doing crunches and sit-ups, somehow that stubborn belly fat doesn’t seem to ever go away.  In fact, sometimes all those crunches and sit-ups make us look like we’re getting BIGGER on the stomach!  And nobody wants to have a larger tummy when their goal is a flat one!  So how exactly can we get a flat tummy that we could feel confident in showing off or just wearing a tight shirt without the fear that our belly with stick out?

  1. Do at least half an hour a day of cardiovascular exercises.  These will help you to lose body fat over all, ultimately helping you get rid of that stubborn belly fat as well.
  2. Cut back on sugary, fattening foods.  Try to avoid colas or potato chips.  If you can’t stop eating these foods, at least eat them less often.  If you make them a special treat, you’ll not only enjoy them more, but you’ll also lose some of that stubborn belly fat.
  3. Do some exercises for your abs.  Though these don’t seem effective, combined with cardio exercise, you will be making your tummy flatter and more toned over time.
  4. Try to avoid stress.  If you can’t avoid it, do some meditation or deep breathing exercises.  These are shown to reduce stress, especially if you do them consistently.  Stress is one of the largest factors contributing to belly fat, so reducing stress will help you shed the fat and have a flat tummy.

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