Sunday, December 17

How to boil eggs in a crock pot

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Step one, plug in your crock pot and set it on high.

Step two, microwave 4 cups of water while your crock pot is heating up.
Note: You cannot boil eggs in the microwave because when heated the contents inside the egg expand and will explode and make a horrible mess.

Step three, pour hot water into the crock pot. Now really you can cook them on high or low, but on high it doesn’t take as long.

Step four, add salt to your water, this keeps the eggs from cracking too soon, though they will crack right before they’re done.

Step five, put the eggs into the crock pot. One of my crock pots is small so I only put four eggs in and the other is larger and I can fit ten in it, just depends on how many you want to make and how much room you have to do it in.

Now, if you’re cooking them on low, set a kitchen timer for three hours, if you’re cooking them on high as I do, I check on them about every thirty minutes to turn them and see how they’re doing (although this isn’t necessary), if cooked on high, set your timer for an hour, even though it may take an hour and a half.

Close the lid and wait. You’ll know when they’re done by testing out a single egg, crack the shell and start to peel it, if it peels easily, without taking too much of the egg white off, then they’re done, if not, reinsert for 20-30 minutes.


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