In rememberance of you.

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Every once in a while i think about our friendship and how much i miss you. It has been fifteen years since i have seen you but i still remember. from the time we were born we were friends. What i really miss is the time we spent camping and fishing together. No one in my life has really meant more to me than you. We only live one life and i feel like i need to see you and say hi. Over the years I have made excuses as to why i have not gone out to oregon to see you. I guess i can say i have been lucky to have someone like you in my life even thou we are two thousand miles apart i still consider you my best friend. I have made other friends over the years but i find myself comparing them to you. Is that something that normally happens. probably the closest person i have in my life right now is the woman I am going to marry. she is amazing. I hope that one day if the lord is willing i will be able to introduce her to you. Sometimes God has a different plan for us than what we would expect,but if we do our best to treat others with respect we will achieve what God has in store for us. I plan on taking michelle to oregon for our honey moon, hopefully i will make time to look you up so we can grab a cup of coffee and chat.


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