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Are you ready to take control of your own stocks portfolio?? Either you roll over your 401K to traditional IRA or roth IRA, or just simply try to open new personal account to trade stocks from your own computer, you can use this information to start investing stocks online.

You need to have great trading tools to invest stocks online, trading tools such as real time quote, updated news, stocks fundamental value, technical analysis, stocks screener, great trading platform, etc. In the old days, stock brokers buy and sell stocks manually on the trading floor, now stocks trading mostly done electronically. It is faster and easier to trade stocks that way. Thanks to the advance technology. 

Individual investors can take greater control of their investment from the comfort of their homes or their offices. You don’t need to call or talk to broker to place your order, you do it all from your computer with internet connection. 

You need to do a little research before you invest stocks online. Not all online brokerage firms are equal some are better than the other, you want to choose the best online broker that suit with your investment goals. Some online brokerage firm also offer other investment vehicle such as option and future as well. You want to check their tools, trading execution time, trading fees, interest rate for cash, interest rate for margin account, member of SIPC (to protect investor assets), member of FINRA, etc.

Online trading enable you to trade stocks at market price or set limit price for stocks you would like to purchase or sell. You can set stop trading to limit your loss in the stock market as well. You can use trailing stop to limit your loss or to lock your gain and to continue holding the stocks if the price keep going up and sell them automatically when the price go below some certain points or percentages from the highest price. You can use option to limit your loss in the stock market as well or to make income from your stocks portfolio.

Most reputable online brokerage firm let you to set up a virtual trading account to test your strategy without using your own money.


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