Leos with Pisces Love Compatibility

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This is a fun look at a Leo/Pisces relationship but remember, the sun sign is just a small part of anyone’s birth chart and that’s why no-one is wholly typical of their sign. If you are a Leo this is how you might see the Pisces.

Leo and Pisces in Romance

You tend to be frank and honest in your relationships and many of your friends will think that this is a positive quality. They will tell you that they know where they stand with you. But your Piscean partner is SO sensitive that he or she might disagree. Sometimes you will say things for a joke – as people often do – only to realise that your partner has taken you very seriously. He or she will then prey on the things you said, reading more into your words than was really there. Leo, you might get to find this really exasperating.

Leo and Pisces Compatibility Astrology

Despite your easy-going ways, you have a generally organized lifestyle. Pisces, however seems quite scatter-brained at times. He or she forgets where they put everything, especially things like the car keys. They are subsequently always late for meetings and appointments. Your Pisces partner tends to be surrounded by clutter. This may be alright for them but their general untidiness will eventually drive you around the bend. Still, there are times, you have to admit, when you get on really well together. Pisces isn’t a very demanding lover and he or she will readily fall in with your wishes. And you do like a partner who is happy to let you have your own way! Pisces is sensual and you could be surprised at how passionate he or she can be, once they let their hair down.

Leo and Pisces as Lovers

Pisces will admit that he or she does like to have a partner with a powerful personality: someone they can lean on. This actually appeals to the romantic side of their nature. But eventually you might start to grow a little bored with your partner’s dependency and if you start to seek excitement elsewhere, this could cause a lot of pain to your more sensitive partner. It is important to try and understand your Piscean’s strong levels of emotion because this is an important part of their nature. Sometimes you won’t understand it but as a Leo you are a tolerant person. And you will realise that with a Piscean partner, heavy emotional scenes come as part and parcel of this romantic bargain! Probably the best way for this partnership to succeed is if your Pisces partner is the female. You see, you have quite a forceful personality and the Pisces nature is much more retiring and obliging.

Leo and Pisces Brief Relationship Summary

Your Pisces partner needs someone to lean on; someone to look up to and to support. And you certainly don’t mind being worshipped in such a way. Indeed, you probably couldn’t ask for a better partner if you’re looking for someone who will follow you to the ends of the Earth with nothing but adulation in their eyes. Physically, once again, you will have no complaints. For the Pisces is a deeply emotional and highly sensitive sign. So once they lose their initial nervousness and get to know you better, you could be sure you will truly enjoy the benefits that come through this relationship.


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