Triond and Google Adsense: A Good Way to Make Money!

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Triond and Google Adsense: A Good Way To Make Money

I have been a content writer for Triond since May 2009, and it has been a good experience.  When Triond integrated Google Adsense into the site it made it even better.  I think Triond and Google Adsense make a really great combination.  Aside from the earnings you get from Triond, you get an additional extra money from Google when someone clicks on the Google ads on your articles.  This income from Google is almost like free money because there’s no additional effort required on your part.  Triond has already strategically placed the Google ads so you don’t even need to worry on where to place them.

On other sites such as Hubpages, Xomba or Squidoo, you earn money when people click on the Google ads (or you can also earn money from affiliates in the case of Hubpages and Squidoo).  However, if people only click to read your article without clicking on any of the ads, you don’t earn anything.  No matter how many people read your articles, you don’t earn any income if no one clicks on the ads.  On the other hand, on sites such as Bukisa and Associated Content, you earn money when people click on your articles.  Their pay is higher than Triond, however there are no extra Google Adsense money to earn.

Triond is unique in the sense that you earn money 2 ways: from people clicking to read your articles, and people clicking on the Google Ads.

This is not to say that you should only write for Triond.  I also write articles for Bukisa and Associated Content and both have also good results.  It’s always good to write for several sites to maximize your earnings.


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