How to Earn an Extra $100 a Month by Blogging

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I used to think that it is very hard to make money by blogging because there are already millions of bloggers in this world.  You can call it blogging, or article writing.  All it means is writing short pieces of articles expressing your opinions, or sharing your tips and ideas.  This is how to earn an extra $100 dollars by blogging or writing articles.  First, sign up for a website that pays people to write articles or blogs.  Not necessarily upfront payment, but websites that pay you when people click to read your blogs or articles. 

In my case I signed up for Triond.  Triond will only accept original articles unpublished elsewhere.   After my articles were published at Triond, I then signed up for 2 other sites, Bukisa and Associated Content.  Why did I choose Bukisa and Associated among all the other websites?  It’s because these 2 sites accept articles even if they have been already been published on other sites.   I then take my published Triond articles or blogs then copy and paste them over into Bukisa and Associated Content.  It only takes a few minutes to do it.  In the beginning as you are starting to get familiar with the 3 websites, it will take some time, but as the time goes by and you do it over and over again, it will only take a few minutes.  

All you need is to earn only a little over 1 dollar everyday on Triond, Bukisa and Associated Content, and it will result to an extra $100 in your pocket every month.   Start writing about things that you already know  and topics that you enjoy.  Make practical lists that can help people in everyday life.   It does not have to be complicated.  If you are good at cooking, write your cooking tips, ideas and recipes.  If you are good in sports, write about sports-related articles or blogs.  If you are good at computers, write a list of shortcuts or computer tips that can help other people.  In my experience, practical lists do really well. 

The more articles or blogs you write, the more you can earn.  First make a list of all the topics you would like to write about.  Then choose the most popular topic that will attract the most people.   It will be tempting at first to write about all the topics you can think of.  However, some topics are more popular than others so they are worth more time writing.  Also remember to make your title stand out from the rest.  For example instead of saying “How to Cook Leftover Turkey”, say “5 Ways to Cook Leftover Turkey”.  This way, when readers are skimming through the titles, yours will stand out from the rest and will have more chance of getting “clicked”.

Lastly, it is important that you write only if you enjoy it.   There are many ways of making extra money, but making money by blogging will only work if you truly enjoy writing.  Writing articles is a hobby for me and it has turned out to be a way to earn extra money.  Writing articles or blogs is fun, and as many people say, it’s a great stress-reliever too! 

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