Cancer and Pises Astrology Compatibility

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A Piscean partner can bring the Cancerian the greatest joy in friendship, love, pleasure and romance. They were both born under the same element and that is water. People born under water signs are loving sensitive, sensual and romantic. With a Piscean lover,

Cancer will be telling everyone that they have met their soul mate. Of that they’re quite sure! Both partners will share similar tastes in music and art. They are both creative and Pisces will inspire the Cancerian to use their innate talents in a way that will turn out the best results. There may even be a time, in the future, when they can make some money out of pooling their talents and abilities.

 Cancer Pisces Compatibility Astrology

Pisces will love to talk about things that mean a lot to them both. Their conversations can get very deep and meaningful. When they go out together, they enjoy visiting the same places and there are certain hobbies and activities they will both like to share. There’s lots of pleasure through enjoying day trips together and there is no-one Cancer would rather explore new experiences with, than their Piscean partner. There are strong levels of understanding in this relationship.

Neither of them will try to boss the other in any way. It’s as if they meet each other on a truly harmonious level. Emotionally and physically, they will get on really well together. Indeed, they feel that physically, their partner is exactly what their inner selves (their subconscious) dreams of as the ideal lover.

 Cancer with Pisces Relationship Match

What Cancer really needs in a partner is someone who shares their strong depth of emotions. And they probably won’t find anyone as passionate, serious, romantic, sensitive and caring as the Piscean. Other, of course than another Cancerian! Anyway, to get back to their relationship and there’ll be no difficulties understanding each other’s needs in a close partnership. They are both looking for someone they can trust completely and someone who is happy to constantly demonstrate their affections.

Romance, it is said is only for the start of a relationship but no matter how long Cancer is with their Pisces partner, there will always be a sprinkling of romance and a lot of loving that makes them feel they ‘re the luckiest person on earth

Cancer/Pisces Compatibility

Now and again Cancer can feel down and now and again, their Piscean will be moody too. This is because they ‘re both subject to such deep and powerful emotions. But because they will each recognise this side of the other’s character, there will be strong levels of compassion, compatibility and understanding in this truly wonderful relationship. They are both such loving and sensitive souls. What more does a healthy relationship need? They’re both sensitive to the other’s thoughts and feelings. They will each offer soothing, caring and romantic gestures to bring even more joy into an already satisfying union.


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