Cancer and Aquarius Love Compatibility

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Cancer likes to feel that there is a strong emotional bond between them and their lover. Romance is spiritual as well as sensual. They don’t always feel as if they ‘re completely in tune with the Aquarius. Aquarius is an unpredictable sign. He or she is unpredictable in that they don’t know what they’ll be doing (even when definite arrangements have been made) until they get there. Cancer isn’t always sure about the Aquarian’s true feelings about many things as they suspect he or she keeps a lot bottled up inside. Or then again, it may be because Aquarius just isn’t as emotional as the Cancerian.

Cancer Aquarius Compatibility Astrology

 Aquarius isn’t particularly sensitive. Aquarius couldn’t really be described as being a home-lover. He or she is out and about more times than they ever spend at home and Aquarius would rather enjoy fun and variety to candles and walks in the moonlight. Therefore, the Cancerian’s more modern, liberated lover could, at times, shock the conventional side of their personality.

 Aquarius may have been born under the most humanitarian sign but his or her outgoing nature tends to clash with the Cancerian’s less sociable ways. Aquarius is full of fun. Aquarius will try to encourage Cancer to relax when they prefer to think about serious matters and Cancer should certainly find that this partner will help increase their love of pleasure, entertainment and even speculation.

Cancer/Aquarius Relationship Astrology

Aquarius has this attitude that the future will take care of itself so, live for and enjoy the moment. But Cancer prefers to feel as if they’re walking into a stable and secure future. For this reason, they might start feeling a little uneasy about the way Aquarius never thinks about saving or about how to pay for the bills that might land on their doormat, over the months ahead.

 Aquarius is one of the most unpredictable of the zodiac signs and this could leave Cancer feeling bewildered, regularly. They really won’t know where they are with an Aquarian partner and although the Aquarian’s keen intellect and love of excitement and change will add spice to their life, eventually Cancer will probably realise that this isn’t really what they were hoping for or expecting in a romantic relationship.

 Cancer With Aquarius Compatibility

 Cancer wants someone who is faithful. Someone they can depend on. Someone who shares their strong emotions and who is happy to demonstrate their love in affectionate and romantic ways. They don’t really want a partner who leads such an active social life they hardly ever see them. Nor someone who is so cool and undemonstrative. Not to mention the fact that they probably feel they will never ever truly understand their partner. Based, remember, purely on sun signs and most charts have a mixture of so much more, but just comparing suns and it would be doubtful this relationship would last unless both partners changed their ways.


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