Blogging is fun, or we all need our 15 minutes of fame

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Blogging is fun. There is no doubt that the explosion of blogging around the world is not motivated by the lure of making money, but by the fun of seeing your writing published for all to see. A tiny minority of bloggers make money from blogging. For the rest, it is the fun of blogging that drives the need to blog.

Many bloggers write their blogs anonymously. In some cases their identity is known to close friends and family. Sometimes it is an open secret. In some cases nobody knows the identity of the blogger.

Anonymity provides the blogger with the ability to express whatever he or she feels. It allows ideas that would have remained in the private domain to be elucidated, to be explored and to be discussed. The blog provides an ideal platform for the writer that wants to explore new thoughts to find an audience and perhaps start a discussion.

There are a huge variety of blogs on the Internet today. Some are intensely personal. They relate every event in their lives. They tell about their children, their partners or their lovers. They relate bizarre stories that are sometimes beyond belief. These blogs are private diaries made public, and there is a certain thrill to see others reading and commenting on their private life.

Some bloggers maintain a daily record of their lives. Accounts of key events supplemented by photographs, allow family, friends and anonymous readers share in their life. Perhaps some similarity to a reality show.

There are literary blogs. The blogger may explore ways of expressing feelings and experiences. They are finding the power of words to describe events. These bloggers are often seeking recognition for their skills.

Hobbies provide another avenue for the blogger. Photography is well suited to the medium as many examples may be shown. Sharing knowledge and showing off your ability does provide a certain degree of satisfaction.

Perhaps it is politics, ideology or religion that drives the blog. The blogger wants to stamp his or her mark on the world, highlighting issues like climate change, abortion or peace.

Andy Warhol predicted that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” With the advent of blogging and social-networking sites abounding, the statement is gaining credence every day. Everyone now has the opportunity to achieve some measure of fame through the medium of blogging and to a lesser extent by using the social networking sites.

People want fame. Fame provides recognition. People do all sorts of things to achieve fame. In some cases the fame is closer to notoriety, but it is fame nonetheless. Who didn’t wish for fame and fortune as a child?

Blogging is an egotistical pursuit. Most bloggers have to work. They have a work persona that fits with their role. At home, they play the role of husband, wife, child or parent. Blogging allows total freedom to be yourself. You can be yourself and be famous. You can be famous yet anonymous. You can express yourself freely and fully.

Could it be that this self-gratification is what makes blogging fun?


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