How to Increase Your Bukisa Earnings Now!

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Whether or not you are a practicing metaphysician, you’ve probably realized that the more that you think about lack, the less you get. In fact, the more you think about your Bukisa earnings not growing, the less they will grow.

However if you change your focus and think about prosperity flowing from your Bukisa account then prosperity will flow. However, you have to combine your thoughts with action to really make this principle work.

Consider this, if you are constantly checking your Bukisa stats to see if they have changed then you are signaling to the universe that you are desperate for money and as such, you won’t get higher earnings. Instead, your earnings will actually stay the same or decrease. However, if you  stop checking your stats every single day, and visualize them being a higher amount then they will. So, instead of worrying about your earnings – get busy wriitng and producing more content. After all, the more quality content you  have in yoru Bukisa library, the more money you’ll make.

Take me for instance, when I concentrate on producing quality work and visualize a certain amount of money per week from my residual library and trust that it is already there, by golly it appears. However, when I stress out and worry about bills and how I am going to make ends meet with my residual income then I don’t  meet my income goals.

So, if you really want to increase your Bukisa earnings then think positive thoughts and let your actions follow suit by trusting that your residual income will increase. By doing this, you will unplug the prosperity foundation and will reach you Bukisa goals easily. Now, make it happen!


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