How to Preserve and Store Your Clothes

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     As a consumer, you may purchase clothes and accessories throughout the year. Regardless of the season, you want your clothes to maintain its original shape and color. Also, you want to locate a piece of clothing when ready instead of searching for the last minute such as looking for a pair of gloves on a cold, fall morning before school or work.

     Many people feel that preserving and storing your clothes can only be done by professional organizers or people with a great amount of time. However, you can schedule a specific time such as a Sunday afternoon to review your clothes/accesories and place them in order.

Preserving Clothes:

  1. Keep clothing away from both artificial and natural light which may cause discoloration.
  2. Make sure clothes are kept away from humid spots so no keeping a dress in a shower stall for days to help take out wrinkles.
  3. Never store your clothes in plastic bags. Take out the clothes once you arrive home from the dry cleaners.
  4. Opt to store your clothes in acid-free muslin covers or bags.
  5. Prolong your clothing with a product like Febreeze to keep fresh between professional cleanings.

Storing Clothes:

  1. Clean all clothes before storing since insects enjoy oils, perfumes, and perspiration.
  2. Consider the possibility of cold storage for maintaining your furs/leathers/shearlings.
  3. Evaluate the best location in your apartment/home (cool, well-ventilated).
  4. Fabrics with animal hair like cashmere should be stored in acid-free, nonplastic containers.
  5. Generally, you should keep cotton knits, chiffons, crepe pieces, satin, and silk for year round use. Meanwhile, store flannel, fleece, furs, leather (heavy), suede, and tweeds for fall/winter use.  

     Preserving and storing clothes may take an afternoon so enlist the help of a partner/roommate or your children then give the individual(s) a treat such going to the movies, or ordering a pizza. Once you have established a regular schedule of maintaining your clothers it will not feel like a chore but a form of exercise.


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