Make Easy Cat Toys for the Holidays

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The Busy Glove

This is a great project that makes use of all those partner-less wool gloves that you have hanging around in closets and drawers. Attach lengths of ribbons, string or wool to each of the fingers of the gloves. A couple of stitches should be enough to secure them to the glove. Once attached to the glove, add small bells, pompoms, and such to the other end. Again, secure them with a few stitches. To initiate play, simply put you hand in the glove and start to make the strings and things move about. This is sure to catch any cat’s interest regardless of age!

Fishing for a Cat Pole

For this toy you will need a small wooden dowel rod about 12 inches long, a piece of string or yarn and some polar fleece. Attach the string or yarn to the dowel rod by wrapping it around the rod and gluing it. Take a small piece of polar fleece (3 x5 inches) and cut it into the shape of a fish. Take the scissors and cut “fringe” around the edge of the fish. Attach the fish to the end of the string or yarn with a few stitches and you are all set to catch a cat…fish!

Snuggle Sack Fun

My old cat still loves to pounce on imaginary things inside paper bags. So I decided to give her something real to play with in a sack. You can make a snuggle snack out of scraps of fabric-I used a polar fleece remnant. I sewed a rectangle sack with one side open and at the end, I sewed a glove in the middle of the seam opposite the open end. When you sew the glove in place, make sure that you don’t sew the glove closed: you going to want to be able to put your hand into the glove that is inside the sack to play with kitty once inside the snuggle snack. After you have the sack finished you can add a long string or ribbon to one of the fingers of the glove. This can be done with a few stitches. Make sure that the ribbon is long enough to reach outside the bag…it’s your “lure” to catch your cat’s attention. The fun starts once you cat friend is inside of the snuggle sack!

All of these cat toys have one thing in common: they all require YOU to make them work. No matter what kind of cat toy you present to your cat as a holiday gift, the best gift you can give them is play time with you!


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