Reviewing Anvil Bar in Houston, Texas

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Anvil is a bar in the Montrose area in Houston located at 1424 Westheimer and it is a trendy bar, it has a low key atmosphere with a trendy twist to it and the owners’ of the place are known to make and create their own drinks.

The bar is small and it does get quite packed on the weekends, and there are a few tables to sit at and in the middle of the bar there is a large table and sofas just like a living room, and the bar itself is actually made from material and salvaged artifacts. If you go early enough then you can order some food too such as the German street pretzel which comes with red onion jalapeno jam and mustard for $3.00, or the tequila queso which is spicy for $5.00, but if you are hungry then go with one of their pizza’s such as the Margherita with tomato, basil and mozzarella for $10.00 or the three by three which includes pepperoni, chorizo, hot sopressata, mozzarella, gouda and parmesan for $9.00.

While their drinks and cocktail list can be overwhelming since they do have over a hundred choices. However they do have interesting mixes such as the Pink Lady which has gin, applejack, lemon, grenadine and egg white, or the Silver Fizz which has spirit, lemon, sugar, soda and egg white or for special occasion you can try the Tom & Jerry which has rum, brandy, nutmeg, and egg.

But the most popular cocktails are the Aperol Spritz which has Aperol and sparkling wine, the Air Mail which has rum, lime, honey and champagne or the El Diablo which has teqila, crème de cassis, lime and ginger beer and the classics like margaritas and mojitos, and they also have their fair share of beers domestic and international.

The downside to this place is that it does not have a large patio but a small hallway as you enter the bar and one has to be careful where one parks because cars get towed every weekend. The place does offer valet service which may be more secure for your car, even though the police will say that they are towing but if you are inside you will not be able to hear them.  


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