Humor Men and Bulls like Red

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Men and Bulls do like Red

Growing up, my very colorful grandmother whom we called
Mammy, wore a lot of red, she’d say men and bulls love red. We’d laugh. But not until our adult years did the women in the family realize she was right on.
It all began on a recent vacation to Florida with my sweetie and my best friend (my mom) we decided to do what all girlie girls do, shop for shoes. We wandered down the rows and rows of shoes, trying them on. I started with the sensible ones, casual ones dressy ones.  Then perched, on and end shelf, was the shoes of what all fantasies are made of, on display, right before our eyes. They were Ruby red, very very shiny patent leather, with rosettes on the peep toes. And they had a heel that made your legs go up to the sky. We never uttered a word, well maybe oohhh… ahhhh… I couldn’t resist slipping my toe into the shiny red shoe. They were the type of shoe that changes girls, personality. Something took over my sensibility and I did what any girlie girl would do.  I did my best showgirl dance routine.  Mom laughing hysterically, she then motioned my sweetie over. From the look on his face you’d thought it was Christmas and he was 8 yrs old and just received his first red wagon.  His eyes lighted up like a Christmas tree. Then the show ended, I sadly removed the ruby red shoes. My sweetie attempted to take them to the checkout, it was a tug-of-war. Me screaming no no no, I was just playing.  His response, (that’s a good thing,) we can play some more.  OK fast forward. Were home, sitting at moms with my sis. Mom couldn’t resist telling the story, ha ha big laugh… Then sis says, well… Remember when Gaven (name change to protect the innocent) bought me those bright red pants, and I had to wear them to the family reunion?  She said I had to wear them somewhere to shut him up, and his family is nutty anyway, they’ll never even notice.
Another friend chimed in I’m in the red club too. I went shopping for sensible walking shoes and came home with red ones. The male species that was involved in the purchase said well you wear them all the time smiling. All the women in the room looked at each other, and in unison said yeah to wear them out fast. We also concluded by popular vote our very colorful grandmother was right. Men and Bulls do like red.
Do you have red story?
If you do you can be in the club


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