How to turn off Xbox LIVE auto billing

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To turn off your automatic billing, you must first navigate to When you are there, proceed to sign in to your account. After doing this, navigate to the “My Account” section or click here. On this page, you will see your membership level and other info. If you have your automatic renewal ON for this section and want to turn it off, there will be another step we have to take.

From the page you were just on, click here to get to the next one. This is the page that Microsoft makes so hard to get to. In fact, I didn’t even know that page existed until I ran into some help for myself. Anyway, on this page it should say which membership level you have. Next to the “Automatic Renewal: ON” is the answer to everyones question. By clicking the “ON” button, you should be led into the right direction.

Do not get confused on this page though, many people get lost here and don’t know what to do. When you are on the page, SCROLL DOWN and click the NEXT button. Microsoft is going to through page after page of reasons why you shouldn’t leave their service. Continue to click next and confirm that you want to end your automatic billing.

Your membership should be safe now, and you didn’t have to call those damn indian customer service agents. Be sure to bookmark this page so you don’t lose the information if you need it in the future.


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