Why visit Detroit- an Artist’s Perspective

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Detroit is an area known for the Detroit Pistons, Ford automobiles and Motown Records. Now, who wouldn”t want to visit an area known for some of the best music and musicians from that period. For car enthusiasts, the opportunity to see where the early Ford models were developed won”t be easy to dismiss.

 The seat of Michigan’s Wayne County, Detroit was once the automobile capital of the world.It is the center of a metropolitan area that includes Oakland County, the third wealthiest county in America.

Detroit is a haven for some of the more successful artists in several fields, such as chair design (Erik & Israel Nordin) and jewellery design (Sarah Kate Burgess). Robbie Biederman, founder of the Mighty Detroit line of unique, retro inspired apparel, is from Detroit.

 Detroit hosts over 30 galleries including the Serengeti Galleries and theatres like the Detroit Opera House.It also hosts slightly more relaxed events such as Common Ground’s Annual Art in the Park-an art fair held every autumn.Every year in January, the Detroit Artists Market takes its own look at design with the DAM Design Show.Thus, it’s not surprising that many artists emerge from this landscape.

It is also not surprising that quite a few artists choose schools based in the “Motor City” to pursue degrees or diplomas in their chosen field. Detroit has a long history of multiculturalism, due to the city’s industrial growth attracting migrants, who by 1990 made up three-quarters of the population.The best art sometimes comes out the meshing of two or more cultures and that has been proven time and time again in Detroit.


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